When spring arrives and freezing temperatures cease, it’s time to turn on your irrigation system and start watering again. We know that spring start up can be a challenging process, contact Gabes Sprinkler Systems when it is time to start up your sprinkler system.When spring rolls around you need to make certain that your irrigation system is ready to go. A lot can happen during the winter, and if your system hasn’t been properly maintained, you might suffer serious problems when you go to turn it on.

Irrigation System

Irrigation system maintenance is the single best investment you can make for a green and healthy lawn and landscape. Sprinkler startup is a crucial step in kick-starting your landscape. Snow and ice can have adverse effects on your sprinkler system, as winter always poses the potential threat of leaks or damage to various parts of your irrigation system. There are many different aspects of the system that could be damaged—such as lines, valves, backflows, and heads. If you start up your irrigation system without checking these first, you could cause further damage.

When it is time to start your sprinkler system, we will perform a complete sprinkler system check. We do this by slowly turning on the main sprinkler valve and gently letting water fill in the sprinkler pipe and manifold. Once the system is filled, we visually check for leaks.

Starting up your lawn sprinkler system in Spring is necessary to assure that all heads are adjusted properly and time clock is set to our customer specifications. By properly adjusting sprinklers and time clock, Gabes Sprinkler Systems will assure that water will be conserved. Proper conservation of water is vital to today’s environment.

A finely-tuned sprinkler system will keep your landscape healthy all year!

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